Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Golden Globes

On this Glorious night the downtown of LA was buzzing. Now one would think that I would have gotten my little camera out and tried my hand at snapping a celeb or 2 (Jake Gyllenhaal in particular... SWOON!), but I didn't. Why you ask? Simple. I'm lazy..... and was working, but here is my take of the red carpet. Here are the nominees.....

 I'm so happy the ladies decided to do color! I LOVE me some color... in both make-up and clothing. As far as my make-up picks go they are simply products that have been tried and tested for me. There are MANY others out there as well so play play play. 

Everything roses... or not so much.
My lady love Natalie.... while I have to say I was NOT a fan of the Victor + Rolf dress, I was a fan of her make up! Classic clean eyes, flawless skin with a subtle flush of the cheeks (MAC Dainty, NARS Madly or Amour or Chanel Rose Petal are great!) and a pop of color on the lips. MAC Rebel looks similar but with more color or Chanel glossimers in Summer Plum or Imaginaire work. A great idea for going into Spring.
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Next up we have Olivia.... That dress is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but THE SHOES!!!!!! UGH! Carrie Bradshaw would be proud. Can I add those to my wish list? Marchesa was on a roll and Christian isn't far behind.
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Taste the rainbow.
Kyra Sedgwick... I LOVE the color of that dress. Good Lord! And the turquoise earrings! A girl after my own heart rocking the turquoise. And her make-up was a perfect pairing for the color overload. A soft smokey eye with soft earthy tones. Some great bronzes that I love are MAC Bronze or Mulch, or maybe puting a golden base like MAC fluidline in Brassy or Stila shadow in Oasis and layering a bronzey shade of the mentioned above or Stila's Go Lightly on top.

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Amy Adams.... That color of her Marchesa dress was PERFECT for her! The make-up was well done. Looks like some slate eyeliner with a peachy-pink cheek and a pink-nude lip. You can never go wrong with a peach cheek on red heads! My personal faves are NARS Orgasm, Deep Throat and Torrid (naughty I know), MAC Peachy Keen, Springsheen, Cantaloupe and Style, Chanel In Love and Reflex (though it has been discontinued snif!), Cargo The Big Easy and Rome, and Milani Luminous.

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Ladies of the Nude.
 While I wasn't crazy about Megan Fox's Giorgio Armani dress, her make-up never disappoints! Sexy smokey eyes. Can't go wrong. Then again with a face likes hers you can't really screw up too much. A black kohl eyeliner (MAC Smolder is my personal fave, though Stila makes GREAT ones as well) to line the top lid and then take your ring finger (since its the weakest one) and smudge the line. Then you can take a shimmery taupe color (there are MANY great ones, but to name a few MAC Satin Taupe, Covergirl Taupery, Chanel Dunes or Shimmering Dunes quad, Stila Diamond Lil, or Barefoot Contessa if you want a warmer one) or if you want a matte look try MAC Cork (I read thats what a make-up artist uses on Angelina for her smokey) or Copperplate. You can even line the waterline as well (thats the area on the inside of the bottom lid) but I recommend a gel liner for that or it can get messy! Keep the rest simple. A little pink on the cheeks and nude on the lips (NARS Chihuahua is my go to, but their Chelsea Girls is an industry fave. Smashbox Pixel is nice as well)
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Helen Mirren... What can I say. You still are rockin it!
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Though I wasn't into the Valentino dress I was loving the hair and make-up for Michelle Williams. The pixie cut is so chic right now, and she is sporting it with the peachy cheek and an apricot nude lip. This is personally my favorite lip color. I'm constantly drawn to it in the lip-y aisle. For more color go for MAC Sandy-B, or Bombshell, if you want it pinker, Enchantress lipglass or Chanel Glow glossimer. For something more sheer, or on the nude side, try Chanel Coral Reef or MAC love nectar lustreglass. Awhile back MAC made the PERFECT peach called Charm Factor, but alas, as with all their best products it was limited. *sigh*
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Anne Hathaway. I do adore her. Her make-up was nice, but the Giorgio Armani dress was love! I wonder if Mrs. Zoe had something to do with this..... I would bet yes. I swear I would totally geek out if I ever met that woman.... if you are out there PLEASE take me as your pad-a-wan! Teach me the way of the Zoe!!!!!! Ok moving on.
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Pretty in pink.....or peach
Claire Danes looked gorgeous. So vibrant in her pink Calvin Klein gown. She kept the make-up very soft as well. Pink cheeks, pink lips and lots of lashes! Always remember your eyelash curler for the lash look. There are so many fabulous mascaras out there too! My personal favorites are Loreal Lashout and MAC Plushlash. I actually mix the 2 together to get my perfect lash look!

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Emma Stone. Though I love her I HATED the make-up and hair. She looks like an old lady!!! What was the thought behind this? I can't say its the make-up really though... I think its just that her hair is just WAY TOO BLONDE. Alas there is a silver lining..... her Calvin Klein gown. It just SCREAMS Calvin Klein minimalism. Wouldn't you say?

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Off to the Emerald City.
I can't explain the excitement I felt when I saw all the turquoise and emerald sway around. Glorious.
We have the lovely Angelina in Versace, and the never having a bad ANYTHING day Catherine in Monique Lhuillier. 
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But the winner for me would have to be Mila Kunis. The hair, the make-up, THAT DRESS. Heaven! In the words of Anne Hathaway from "Bride Wars".... Oh Mrs. Wang.....
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Honorary Mention goes to.... Helena Bonham Carter! I love it personally. And I met her the day after at my store! She is very pretty in person and seemed nice! I love that, don't you?


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