Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mask of the Day {Randy Brandy}

One of my favorite color combos lately are gold and burgundy for the eyes. Especially with light eyes. I wore this look, but darker and more intense, for a party I attended a few nights ago, however the pictures didn't quite come out right. So I decided to create the look again, but light so it would still be appropriate for me to go to work. So here was yesterdays mask.


MAC Strobe Cream with MAC Studio Finish Tinted Moisturizer in Medium Dark, MAC Prolongwear concealor in NW15, MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder in Medium, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium Deep as Bronzer

Chanel blush in Reflex (no longer available, but MAC Style or Peachykeen, NARS Deep Throat, or CARGO Rome are very close duplicates. MAC Springsheen is a good one too)

Primer -POP Eye Magnet Primer in Airbrushed
Lid - MAC pigment in Blonde's Gold (if this is no longer available Stila Oasis is very close) 
Crease - MAC pigment in Heritage Rouge (if no longer available MAC Sketch is the shadow version of this)
Browbone - MAC shadow in Vanilla (this is my staple browbone color along with Blanc Type, Brule is good too if your skin is on the medium side)
Liner - MAC Blacktrack fluidline (top), Heritage Rouge pigment smudged in lower lashline
Mascara - L'oreal Lashout with MAC Plushlash 
Brows - MAC Omega shadow (my go to for blondes or light brunettes)


Lipstick - MAC Lollipop Lovin, in person has more of a green iridescence. (no longer available. Closest duplicate I know of is MAC Sandy B)
Gloss - MAC Mimmy (any sheer peach gloss can duplicate this)

Stay Tuned!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fantasy Face {Olivia Wilde}

I will not lie. I have a small girl crush on Olivia Wilde. If my brushes could get their bristles on that face... oh the things that I could do! But really... her face is AMAZING for make-up, as you can see that other artists have benefited from. I actually used her layout from the December 2010 issue of Instyle as my inspiration for the South by Southwest portion of the photoshoot I did for the Two Point Oh LA Spring 2011 Lookbook (last seen here and here). And then I saw her on the cover of Cosmo this month, and decided I needed to do a post on her make-up (though its probably more just her face I'm obsessing over). So here is my ode to her, her face, and her make-up.

Photos via, and other misc. sites via google

This last picture is ridiculously gorgeous! MAC Viva Glam or Chanel Lover would be good to create that lip. God...... can I come back as her in my next life? Pretty please? 
Sigh. A girl can dream.

Stay Tuned!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Style Quick switch {Collared shirt dress}

Here is another segment I did with Sydne Summer and the Style Network. Here she took a collared shirt dress from the office to a night out on the town! How great is Sydne's top by the way!!!!! It's Plenty by Tracy Reese (so no wonder I love it). Its so colorful! Love.

Products used (On Sydne Summer):

MAC Face and body foundation in C2 and N1, MAC Prolongwear concealor in NW20, MAC Pressed Powder in NC25, MAC Mineralized pressed powder in Mediu Deep as bronzer

MAC Blush in Cantaloupe

MAC paint in Base Light as a base/primer
Lid - MAC Blanc Type
Crease - MAC Wedge with MAC Rummy to darken outer 3/4 of eye
Browbone - MAC Blanc Type
Brows - MAC Chocolate Brown shadow
Liner - MAC Blacktrack fluideline (top), MAC Graphic Brown fluidline (Limited, but Bobbi Borwn's Chocolate Brown shimmer gel liner is supposed to be close) (waterline)
Lashes - Loreal Lashout mascara and Ardell Demi wispies false lashes

Liner - MAC Cedar
Lipstick - MAC Roleplay (limited but MAC Viva Glam V and VI are close)
Gloss - Chanel Glossimer in Pink Teaser

More segments to come.

Stay Tuned!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Trip - Part 2 (NY in a nutshell)

For the second leg of my excursion, I ventured to the always fabulous New York! Sadly there are no real outfit or make-up posts. It was chilly and I basically lived in the same "uniform" everyday. Where most people bring their "cutest outfits", I am the COMPLETE opposite. I HATE packing and I try to bring as little as possible. I just don't trust checking baggage. Call me strange. I'm just always terrified they will loose my precious gems, so I try to carry on if at all possible.

Since I had been to NY before, and got most of the site seeing out of the way, I was able to just enjoy NY and walk around and enjoy the city and partook in some window shopping. I was most excited to go just so I could see, and hopefully shop, in Topshop! But I have to say, I was actually disappointed (covering my head as the stoning begins).  Perhaps my expectations were just too high? But I know I see such amazing things on other celebrities and bloggers from there (mostly from Europe, but in the US too) and I know its meant to be a "less expensive" or "affordable" price point (when yo are comparing to designer, I guess I can see that), but I felt it was just ok, and EXTREMELY over priced for cheap fabric items!!!! I fell in love with a dress and kimono cardigan, and they were both 100% polyester (which is fine), but it was $129 for the dress and $100 for the kimono!!! Does anyone else feel that is too much? I can go to Forever 21 and get a kimono cardi that is ACTUALLY SILK and pay less than $30 for it!!! I just felt that if I was going to pay those prices, I would march over to Zara or shop in my store (Anthropologie). Is that how it is in Europe? Or is it just more expensive here do to the currency exchange and import export costs? None the less, I was very saddened. I'll be sticking to my Forever21 and H&M I think. However, Uniqlo.... LOVED THAT STORE!! Its a prepsters dream!!! I'll be back in NY for the summer, so I'll definitely be stocking up here when I go! Ok Rant over. Moving on.

I also got to take in some dinners, and a play. I went to see "Driving Miss Daisy"with James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave. It was AMAZING!! To be so close, and watching two legends of that calibur was indescribable. I laughed, I cried, I was enthralled. I HIGHLY recommend it!

I also walked around Wall street to visit the bull and try and steal some luck (the saying goes that if you rub the bull's horns and "twig and berries" that it will bring you luck. No joke. I saw business men do it! Those silly Wallstreeters). I had the most AMAZING Gyro from one of the food carts in the street, and visited the Prada store in Soho, and of course the Diane Von Furstenburg store in the Meatpacking District (she's one of my favorites! I'll be her Pad-a-wan too, after Mrs. Zoe's of course!)

All in all a LOVELY trip!

Stay Tuned!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Trip - Part One (DC in a nutshell)

I started my week excursion in Washington DC. AMAZING! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was definitely my favorite part of the trip! The city itself is just beautiful. And the architecture was a site to see. I do have to say everyone (especially if you LIVE in the US) needs to make the treck out there! It would be a shame to never see it. It is so rich with history, between the museums, monuments and historical sites, it can give you goose bumps! And Georgetown!! Ugh! I want to live there! Its so adorably cute!!!! All the brick and cobblestone. I felt like I was in Disneyland... but in a non theme park touristy way. And the shopping was divine! Not that I got to partake in it this trip.... but for the future, now I know.

First stop was the Natural History Museum. I LOVE dinosaurs! So my one request was that I see the dinosaur bones. Stegosaurus is my favorite.

Next was all the monuments. Washington monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam and World War II Memorial, and even George Washington's house!!!

As you can see, my uniform for the trip was cargos, lace-up boots, and a sweater with jacket. It was REALLY cold in DC! At least for me anyways. 

I can't wait to go back and visit!

Stay Tuned!