Monday, January 24, 2011

Testing {MAC False Lash Mascara}

I am a self professed beauty junkie. I will try just about anything. But the product I love most of all is MASCARA!! I'm a lash girl. Always have been. Always will be. If I were stuck on a deserted island I would have my eyelash curler, mascara and chapstick on hand. My skin would be weathered, but my lashes would be fabulous! I blame my mother. One day when I was probably 11, while we were up in Zion National Park, she took it upon herself to attack me with her lash curler and mascara. Just for fun. At first it felt awkward. I told her my eyes looked like spiders, and that I could feel them hitting my lids. But... as the day wore on I got used to this strange new sensation, and realized I quite enjoyed having spiders for eyeballs. Needless to say, I was hooked. Out went the tom-boy, and in came the girlie future make-up junkie. Another one bit the dust.

For todays trial I am testing out the new MAC False Lash Mascara.
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Now..... I'm STILL in search of my one "wonder" mascara that can do ALL I require, but until that day, I actually use two different mascaras. Due to my eyelashes being stick straight, I use a waterproof mascara as my base (L'oreal Lash Out Mascara) to hold the curl, and then I do a second coat of MAC Plushlash mascara. It gives me the perfect curly, fringey lashes.

So when I went to MAC to purchase another tube, the artist there told me I really should try the new False Lash mascara. It is supposed to curl and thicken all in one giving you the "false lash" look. So I figured why not.

Well. First let me say... NO "self-curling" mascara EVER curls my stick straight lashes. Even when I curl them, they STILL will go straight! This was no different. HOWEVER... I do have to say that AFTER I curled my lashes, and put a coat of this on, they actually stayed curled, which was a first. I still prefer using my waterproof as a base with it though, for myself personally. I like my lashes VERY curly. However, for ladies that don't suffer from the curse of the straight lash this will be just fine on it's own.

Second. It actually didn't smudge too badly. I have long lashes that hit my brow bone, so throughout the day I always get "the smudge", but this wasn't too bad. I don't feel it really "thickens" that much (Plushlash thickens more in my opinion) but it definitely lengthens them ALOT. I didn't feel it clumps and it didn't flake either. All in all, I'd say it's a fine mascara.... however, I'm still a Plushlash girl. What can I say. I'm loyal and a creature of habit. Either way, you be the judge.

Plain eyeball with evil straight lashes

Curled and mascara'd eyeball with MAC False Lash mascara

And now. WA LA! The final product.

Other eye products used:
Lid: NYX Suede eyeshadow
Browbone: NYX Highlight eyeshadow
Liner: (top lid) MAC Kohl in Raven, limited edition :( and (bottom lid) MAC Kohl in Teddy for water line
Nothing in the brows because I'm lazy.

Stay Tuned!


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