Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Score!

Here in the downtown of LA we have a special event called "The Art Walk". This occurs every second Thursday of the month, and all the restaurants set up shop on the side walks, with all the boutiques, and the normally vacant buildings come alive with sellers of jewels, baubles, art and VINTAGE! So... due to the boyfriend wanting to check out a deserted building, that any other day would be closed, we ventured in. Low and behold it was all vintage sellers! Not planning on doing any shopping that evening I ran into this.....

AMAZING! Not only was it in GREAT condition (there was a few bleeds in the back from the red running onto white from what looks like washing) but it was completely chic! I imagined it living a life of glamor and prestige. Very Jackie Kennedy. So I dared to ask what a beauty like this was fetching (I figured in the upper figures since it was dated back to the 50's, so said the seller.) and when I heard the price I was told my jaw dropped, and I looked like I was about to faint.... $20!!!!! Can you believe it!!!!! Without hesitation the wallet was whipped and the woman was paid. 

I wasn't entirely sure that the era was correct, so I did a bit of investigating and sure enough the label was that of a early 50's brand sold at Sears in New York! There was a swell of pride. I won't lie.

Also scored this...

OK, OK.... so it's not vintage. But it looks so 1930's don't you think? It's Anna Sui (from Anthropologie) but it was meant to be mine! I had seen it last summer but it was beyond my budget. Then it was on sale but still a bit pricey. Then it was marked down to $69.95 and sold out immediately! I was very sad and decided it just wasn't meant to be....... then, low and behold, one was returned, AND IN MY SIZE, and the best part.... it was now $29.95!!!! It was fated. We were meant to be together. It will be a love affair to last the ages...... or at least through summer anyways. Ha! Outfit posts soon to come.

Stay tuned!


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