Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mask of the Day {Purple Haze}

Now that the weather in Wonderland has reverted back to a chill, I notice the wardrobe has also taken a turn to the dark side. I'm usually a person fond of color but in winter I seem to steer toward predominately black, grey and beige with a flair for the edgier styling. Not sure why. Perhaps the chilly weather brings a chilly mood? I opted for a smokey eye for the day but as opposed to the typical black, charcoal or brown smokey, I decided to add some pazzaz and color to the mix and went for a purple instead. Purple, on the color wheel, is opposite green (which is the color of my peepers in case you hadn't noticed) therefore making it a complimentary color. So if you have green eyes (or ever blue or light hazel) definitely keep purple in your bag of tricks. It can be quite lovely.

Products used:

MAC Strobe Cream wth MAC Studio Finish Moisture Tint in Medium Dark, Neutrogena loose powder in Medium, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish pressed in Medium Deep (as bronzer)

MAC mineralize blush in Dainty (very light in photo but in person its a pretty light pinky peach with lots of shimmer)

Lid - MAC A Wish Come True (not sure if this is still available but Urban Decay Sin might work)
Crease - MAC Semi-Precious (if not available try MAC Sketch) with MAC pigment in Bloodline in the outer 3/4 area to deepen, also took Bloodline and smudged in lower lashline
Browbone- MAC Vanilla (shadow NOT pigment)
Brows - MAC Omega
Liner - MAC Raven kohl liner (discontinued but a black liner with MAC sketch on top can give same effect) and MAC Teddy kohl in waterline

MAC Gingerroot liner (want to cry because its been discontinued!!! If you now a dupe PLEASE tell me!) with Smashbox Glamour gloss (another favorite nude gloss!)

Tips and Tricks:
Smokey eye is not just reserved for blacks and browns. Colors can be used just as easily. For beginners just keep the colors in the same tone or family. As you become more comfortable you will learn that you can mix complimentary colors as well.... but thats for a later post. Start with a black kohl liner (they are the easiest and softest to smudge) and line the top lashline. It doesn't have to be perfect. You are going to smudge that line with you finger anyways to give it a messy effect. Then you have 2 options. The first is a classic smokey eye.Start by layering the darkest color onto the lid (and over the black liner you just smudged), then blend the medium color in your crease (the easiest way to do this is with a softer brush and going back and forth in a windshield wiper motion), and then use the lightest color as your highlight in the browbone.Finally you can rim the lower lashline with your black liner and smudge as well. This eye I reserve more for night as it can be too harsh for day. 

The other option is what I did above and is better for the daytime smokey or if you just don't want it AS dark at night. Which is line the top lid with your kohl liner as above (it doesn't have to be black, it can be brown, charcoal or a darker version of the colors being used (which is what I did), then use the medium toned color on the lid (and over the liner), the darker color in your crease in the same windshield wiper motion (and a black or deep dark version of the colors you are using can be used for the outer 3/4 area of the crease to create more depth), and the lightest color for the brwobone area to highlight. Finally, you can line the lower waterline area with you eye pencil (this is optional, some might find it too dark, I however did this in pictures above) and either use your medium color or your darker color if you want it alittle smokier and smudge it into the lower lashline.

And WALAH! A Smokey eye for night AND daytime!

Stay Tuned!


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