Monday, February 14, 2011

Mask of the Day {Red, Red Wine}

Today I'm doing a quick Valentine's Day look. I ADORE red lips. There is something so glamorous about it. And I dont care what anyone says... ANYONE can wear a red lip! You just need to find one that suits your coloring. If you are very olive toned (meaning you have a slightly green tone to your skin, think Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek) look for an orange based one (MAC Russian Red and Ruby Woo are good), if you are pinker undertoned (think Amy Adams, Claire Danes and Anne Hathaway) go for a blue based one (MAC MAC Red is perfect). And if you are a red head (yes, you can wear red... I was one for 2 years and I rocked it) do MAC Viva Glam 1. Its red, but its more a bordeaux red and it just looks so pretty. Wear it with MAC Brick lipliner. You wont be sorry. And if you are darker skinned stick with blue-based as well, try MAC Lady Bug and Russian Red. Though Ruby Woo is more orange-based, I have used this quite alot on darker tones and its also been quite pretty.  And golden toned girls (like myself, where your skin is very yellow based) are lucky in the sense that you can wear any red, it just is more whatever you prefer.

I'm an evil temptress today and wearing a lip that is sadly discontinued, typical, but It's my FAVORITE! I'm currently on the hunt to find its duplicate, so when I do I will definitely share! I wasn't able to take a picture of the products (please forgive me, it's been a busy day work wise), but with exception of the lips, all other products are the standards I have used in other posts. Be warned. Its alittle picture heavy. I just loved the look so I liked alot of the pictures.

For fun

Products Used:

MAC Strobe cream with MAC Studio Finish Tinted Moisturizer in Medium Dark, Neutrogena Loose Powder in Medium, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish pressed in Medium Deep as bronzer

Wanted to keep it very clean, so no blush. Just bronzer.

Base - Lancome creme colour dose in Sable Trinidad (MAC Base Light paint looks exactly like this)
Lid - MAC Blanc Type
Crease - NYX Brown (although I used MAC Wedge too because its the same color, but more pigmented so it showed up more)
Browbone - MAC Blanc Type with alittle NYX Highlight to give a tiny bit of shimmer (MAC Dazzlelight is pretty close to this), also added to inner corner of eye
Liner - MAC Blacktrack fluidline (top), MAC Teddy for lower and waterline
Brows - MAC Omega (the BEST shadow for blondes for brows!)
Mascara - Loreal Lashout and MAC Falselash

Liner - MAC Cherry
Lipstick - MAC Queen's Sin
Gloss - MAC Red Romp lipglass


Stay Tuned!



  1. Oh wow! This make-up is perfect for Vday date, I have zero make-up skills but you made it sound so simple, I'll try! ... You have flawless skin!

    Hope you had an amazing Vday! xo

  2. You have such a cute face! I love the red lips (Some people can't pull them off but you look awesome! :D)

    Happy Vday!

    Castle Fashion

  3. perfect lips! you are a pro! great style too!
    xxx kisses ~ Annie


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