Saturday, February 19, 2011

Take Me to the Resort!

Today was an exhaustingly long work day and it was raining cats and dogs to boot! All this nasty weather has me reflecting back to the Spring Resort collections. Here are some of my faves that I would LOVE to have as an addition to the wardrobe!!!

While nothing here is ground breaking (I'm sure you have seen all this before as it has been around for a bit), I just wanted to stare at some pretty pictures for the evening to take my mind off my achy feet and soaked clothes... bring back the sun!

Alexander McQueen.


Catherine Malandrino. 

Chloe. Though I would never classify myself as a minimalist in dress. I definitely am finding myself leaning towards simplicity these days. There's something beautiful about a clean look. And if my wardrobe could look like this then I DEFINITELY could embrace minimalism! Just stunning.

Chanel.... bright colors, Chanel tweed and hippie inspired.... glorious!

All photos via

Emilio Pucci... yes yes and YES!!!! I need this all in my life


And last but not least... Burberry. This is amazement beyond words. I really believe their new mantra is "go hard or go home bitches" because they have been killin it. Just sayin.


Now that I have spent all my fantasy money, I am going to go slurp down some Vino.

Sneakies Peakies post tomorrow!

Stay Tuned!



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  2. wow that sheer pleated dress is amazing!


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