Tuesday, February 1, 2011

XOXO, Gossip Girl

Today is fashion OVERLOAD! You have been warned.

I will admit, my guilty pleasures in life are in my tv shows. Gossip Girl being one of them. Last week was the long awaited return of all new episodes! I won't lie, the biggest reason I watch is for the fashion. Wardrobe stylist Eric Daman is a genius! I would give up my first born for the wardrobe on the show (and for Eric to be my new bestie and style me at will!)

Here is a collage of all the fabulous fashion to look forward to this season! My Ode to the Upper East Side.


And here are a few of my favorites so far this season. I'm in a Spring state of mind. Can ya tell?

Oh the things I would do for this DVF dress! My favorite so far!

I'm a sucker for prints and a boho at heart so Jessica Zhor's character's style is my favorite.

She's wearing my clogs! :)

How great is her Pendleton jacket!!!

And I'm spent! 

Stay Tuned!


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  1. I LOVE Gossip Girl!! The styling is always amazing!

    Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we can follow each other if you like?



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