Monday, February 21, 2011

Outfit {Hi ho, hi ho}

Has been a crazy busy weekend so haven't been able to upload much in the form of work and make-up, but here is an outfit post for today!

Life as a make-up artist isn't always the most profitable of professions. Especially when you are starting out (or in my case, starting over again). There is alot of down time and sometimes you have to work for free to get your work (and self) out there. So in the interrim we have the part-time job in retail. You may notice alot of my oufits are slightly Anthropologie inspired. Well, that's because I work there and the store has slowly dominated my closet (there could be worse problems in life through, right?). Todays post is a quick snap shot before heading off to my store. I have been inspired (and pumped) for the return of the hippie flares and wider trouser styles as seen in many of the Spring Resort wear collections. They have always just suited my style (and frame) better than the skinnies. Though I do adore my skinnies and thigh boots ensembles....... I say there is room for everyone!

Jacket - H&M
Top (under jacket) - BCBG
Belt - Linea Pelle
Earrings - Francesca's Collections
Other jewelry - Vintage
Jeans - Seven for all mankind
Shoes - Anthropologie
Bag - Zara (it strikes again)

I think I might have to rename this blog the Magik Window since that seems to be where all my pictures are from! Hopefully we'll resume scenic outfit posts soon.
Stay Tuned!



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