Friday, February 18, 2011

Outfit {Leopard, leather and Fringe OH MY!}

I'm still fending for myself, hence the blurry photos. I swear my camera really does hate me. It's declared mutiny. This is war.

None the less, I would not tolerate it's insolence and forced it to take photos yesterday. Hopefully you can get the idea. In case you didn't notice from my current lusting post (last seen here) I have a love for animal print... particularly leopard print. To me they are neutrals and go with everything! So basically I have been living in leopard and leather this season, and this Zara top (a gift from my ever generous and stylish Ma-mah) has been in constant rotation. I have worn it with everything from my black leather shorts and pants, to my jeans and boots, to recently my white pants for a lighter springy look. Next attempt will be with my army green cargo pants or jacket. What say you?

The bag in the post is one of my favorites and sadly.... later in the day the clasp broke on it! It was a sad day indeed. I'm hoping the shoe repair can mend it, but if not then this is a memorial post of sorts. RIP purse. You will be missed.

Necklace - BCBG
Blouse - Zara
Jeans - Paige
Thigh high boots - Sam Edelman
Bag - Unknown

Stay Tuned!



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