Thursday, February 3, 2011

Outfit {City of Industry}

Last weekend, before it became a normal winter again, the boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll around downtown. One of the things I love about downtown is all the old buildings in the "Old Historic Banking District". Being from Vegas I have never been able to have an appreciation for that. We tend to tear down old buildings and hotels, and erect new and improved versions in their there place. Where here I LIVE in a building dating back to the 20's and many more are older than that! I feel there is something romantic in it. I try to envisions the crowds and people here way back when. A life of glamour maybe. Old Hollywood's finest. So I decided to take my recently acquired Anna Sui dress for a stroll. I paired it with my also newly acquired vintage belt! It was the boyfriend's mom's belt, but no longer fit so it magically made it's way to my humble closet. Oh the joy. It just felt so right together with the dress.

Dress - Anna Sui for Anthropologie
Belt - vintage Ralph Lauren 
Jewelry - vintage
Boots - Aldo (very old)
Bag - vintage Dooney and Burke

If I look awkward in the pictures, it's because I was! I'm much better behind the camera. Too much cheek and hips for fashion. haha

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